The quality design and material is back and updated as JohnsonXFit rolls out the 2021 -built for you! The popular Camo high performance leggings are designed to deliver strategic support, tailored for high-support activities. To maximize your workout results the comfort, stlye, fabric flexibility creates the perfect fir score you need from your performance gear!   Athlete tested for overall comfort, style, mobility, and unique touch… it is sure to impress! 


Perfect fit compatibility with the Camo 2.0 sports bra and Long sleeve top. 


Camo 2.0 Leggings

  • Bacteria love to grow in moist and dark places. This is an important fact when thinking about the clothes we workout in! Always use sportswear designed to dry quickly to prevent strong odors and bacteria growth. The following guidelines will help ensure your JohnsonFit gear stays clean and durable for your workout sessions.

    Pre-wash: To help eliminate odors from bacteria, sweat, and more, a 15-minute pre-soak in cold water will do the trick. Be sure to use an excellent pre-soak product and to turn your clothing inside out.

    Washing Instructions:

    • Separate your fabrics into similar color sets.
    • Never wash lights with darks.
    • Remember to turn your clothing inside out.
    • Machine wash on cold and air dry.

    Buyers may tumble dry when necessary; however, when addressing armpit stains air-drying ensures the stain can be removed without setting it into the fabric.

    Difficult sweat stains: To combat challenging stains, we recommend turning your clothes inside out before pretreating the underarm areas with a liquid pre-treatment. According to its instructions, let the treatment work, about 30 minutes, and wash in a Hot machine cycle. Hang the item to air dry. If the stain persists, repeat the process before machine drying.