With the Holidays around the corner...

Just in! This week; JohnsonFit is catching up with news and friendly reminders for the upcoming holiday season! To start off, JohnsonFit is moving and shaking our world of fitness in the greater Phoenix area. From here, we will only continue with positive momentum in announcing the new pricing and program plan! For this, it is vitally important that anyone looking to switch up their exercise program or improve their access to JohnsonFit resources pays attention to the programs section of the website in the coming week.

Now, we can all hear the distant bells of Santa's sleigh rapidly approaching~! Each of us, in our own lives, can be quite tempted by the tricks and treats of Autumn… And who can ignore the promise of a full plate and later, belly, in our upcoming season of gratitude? To each of us, every single one of these holidays is nothing short of monumental! Regardless of religion, belief, or culture. We all have the same temptations as Americans because as a country we are united and share access to our cultural celebrations across the globe!

Of course, in the world of fitness, there are a few key points we want to focus on. After all, everything is wonderful, in moderation. It is perfectly OK and encouraged to have a cheat day. At JohnsonFit it is understood that the holiday season is paramount and often hard to stay on track with fitness goals...

So, as usual, we will hit the ground running! This is both a metaphor and quite literal, as we hit the ground with exclusive holiday pricing, scheduling, and even new specialization courses! This season we’re going to be running into the time of year for many holiday celebrations, for beautiful food, for amazing friends and family - and as always, JohnsonFit wants you to know that Willie, our NASM Certified Trainer, is here to see you through to success! Your ability to communicate your concerns, needs, and goals over the next four months is essential to the success of your program.

We could not begin to express how important it is, that we grind for the success and the body and the healing we are trying to achieve through mindfulness, thinking, and rigorous fitness! JohnsonFit welcomes the holidays and also looks forward to each of the members seeing positive results throughout the entire season!

In conclusion to this week's post, it is encouraged that JohnsonFit members are participating in the blog and asking questions! Engagement is just as important as anything else here because it is vital that every member has complete understanding and comfort in their program and furthermore that we as JohnsonFit may better understand what you, our beautiful and amazing clients need and want to propel forward in your own plans. What are you most excited about for this holiday season? Are you happy with the new changes? What do you feel would be most valuable to include in our upcoming posts? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you for your time and please, enjoy your holiday season!


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