The Balance of Social Life and Fitness…

A Special Thanks to Guest Author: Kaliyah La'Shè

Sometimes the craziest part about working out on a constant basis, is how easy it looks compared to the commitment required. For some people, the easiest part about fitness seems to be the decision to take that first step. The hardest, for some, is the decision to keep taking those steps. So many things get in the way! Time management and motivation are two huge factors that often prevent us from continuing to chase our new endeavors. Keeping and dropping old habits and hobbies is another deal-breaker for many people. But one of the biggest issues is how to keep up with your new life in the world of fitness and your old one in the grand social world we have around us.

Have you ever had a moment, where all your friends want to go out somewhere and you can't go, because it interferes with your schedule? The holiday season is just around the corner and you’re avoiding all of those seasonal sweets? Do you ever feel like trying to get fit is slowing down your idea of fun? Do you ever feel like it may be an effort for nothing or that you have no support in your goals? Well… You're not alone. It is perfectly normal to have some, if not, all of these concerns. But don't let these feelings and thoughts or concerns discourage you. Like so many other amazing things in life, personal fitness has extreme challenges and equally gifting rewards and just like any other problem in life- The problems we face in the world of fitness have easy solutions we can each practice, every day.

Social Media: When it comes to our friends, both in real life and online or family, near or far away- Frequent updates on our day to day lives on social media often helps us keep in touch with multiple people at a time while staying within our own comfort zone or maintaining a stress-free schedule. But with personal fitness, there are even more benefits than simply updating our friends and family. For example! Update your fitness goals.

This means, as frequently as it may work for you, set a goal and update that goals results as you go on your designated social media. This gives the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people, to give yourself constant support. It even grants the opportunity to learn from others, all over the world! It even makes it a more solid “written-in-stone” kind of goal. Because once you have told other people you are going to achieve something, you’ll find it harder to turn away from doing so. Its a hardcore motivator! Social Events: This one has nothing to do with the internet at all, but rather with the friends you hang out with in person. It’s often challenging to find a way to keep interacting with many people while also maintaining your personal fitness goals. So, instead of getting bummed out that you missed the football game or movies… Or stressing because you went out for that event and yet again, missed that goal you promised yourself you’d achieve… Why not- What’s the analogy? Hit two birds with one stone. If there is anything the wonderful Niantic game, composed by Junichi Masuda, Pokemon Go, has taught me, its that; It is perfectly acceptable to text your friends to walk ten km to hatch an imaginary egg or catch a Pikachu or even discover a candy none of you will ever eat. So what’s to stop you from making a social event out of working out? This way, you can connect with your friends and keep your schedule in perfect order. Try a group hike or a walk around your city or town. Consider, for a moment, picking a friend and seeing if they would like to set goals of their own that you two can reach together. Have some fun with it! Now finally, we fall on- “Time for me!?”: Ha, time for ourselves is always a must.

I’m sure we have all learned about peer pressure, but what about pressure from ourselves? For a great many of us, it is very hard to find time for ourselves, especially when we pick up something new in our lives. But it is just as vital to your fitness life as it is to your social life as it is to you… that you are okay with a day off or an hour every day just for you. This is not an impossible task to achieve and it is much more vital than to figure out “later.” So, my greatest tip to you is whatever your “Monday” of the week is- take just thirty minutes to sit down and write all of your goals down on a sheet of paper. On a separate sheet of paper, list the days of the week- the hours of the day, fill in what needs to be done, when and where, and finally… set an alarm for these tasks. You will be simply awestruck to find how much time you suddenly have. Of course, you will not be as awestruck by that detail nor as relieved by that detail as you would be during the following week where everything becomes easier and the stretch of time consumed to complete a given task is greatly diminished- leaving time for your work out, for your social life and most importantly! For you.

In conclusion, we at JohnsonFit would like to thank you all for taking a small chunk of your precious time, out of your own day, to read this.

On another note, we would be ecstatic to hear what you all think and how you feel on the subject. What do you do to free up your time? How do you balance your social and fitness schedules? Do you have any advice for other readers or perhaps suggestions for JohnsonFit? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you soon! Until the 8th and remember! Your Body, the Way YOU Want It


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