Nintendo has us all waiting in eager anticipation.

Nintendo has released a short trailer for an upcoming fitness device. This is a circular device able to be used in muscle resistance exercises and exceptional stretching drills. The trailer, we can call a "Teaser", promises another exceptional and family friendly device for any fitness focused fan. The video is less than 2 minutes of promising adventure, daring family fun, and energetic fitness supported by excellent game play.

Watch Nintendo take a global tour with a new exciting circular fitness device!

Fitness and its instruction should always be a family affair and Nintendo is doing something amazing again, in the world of fitness. Remember back in 2007 when Nintendo released the Wii Fit video game? That game sold more than 22 million copies worldwide, marking quite the accomplishment in the world of fitness!

The Joy-Con is, at one point, holstered to the thigh of a gamer in the video provided above and promises to be quite the high-tech experience.

Lam, (2019) reported that the new Nintendo Switch experience appears to make use of the many high-tech features of the Joy-Cons, including the accelerometer, gyroscope, infrared depth sensor and HD Rumble vibration.

Fans are simply at the edge of their seats until Nintendo fills in the blanks on September 12th, 2019. However, in the meantime, for discussion purposes, what would you want to see developed or improved in the world of fitness and video game innovation within the following three years? Please comment below and share your answers!

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