New Products in the JohnsonXFit shop

“JohnsonFit is a universal platform designed to improve fitness for each of our clients. We understand the true value of your body, your way.”

Hello and welcome back to our blog! This fall the focus of JohnsonFit, LLC is to remember and remind each of us about the importance of staying in a zone of encouragement and empowerment to succeed in leading a healthy lifestyle. What are the things you do to ensure you stay focused beyond JohnsonFit support?

When it comes to a workout as we have discussed in our last blog… Motivation is everything and while we may sometimes lose it, there are many different ways to keep it. What makes you feel connected and on track with your fitness goals? For some of us, motivation, is progression, itself! There has to be progression to stay motivated. Sometimes, we feel it but don't see it. Sometimes, we see it… but don't feel it. But JohnsonFit LLC is here to help you through all of these natural struggles and provide equipment, clothing, and courses to carry you through to your goal! We've discussed schedule, comfort, training and now we move to style.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this particular post is mostly focused on quite the phenomenal news! New releases to our clothing line will be on the market and ready for all of our clients, their family and friends to help #SpreadTheWord! The release is set for noon tomorrow (Saturday, November 9th, 2019 at 12 p.m). Remember the products go fast so it is important to check in early. All new clothes will be added and some existing clothing designs will be upgraded and restored. You are sure to find the perfect items in browsing the latest in JohnsonFit’s activewear and athleisure from sport bras, leggings, shirts and hoodies. All designed for ultimate performance in activity and style designed with you in mind.

Our clothing line is designed to help you look, feel, and perform at your best during your training sessions and in life. Just as its your body, your way, do not forget it is also, your style, your way!

Jump into this holiday season with the ultimate workout gifts that work best for you and yours! Moreover the store descriptions have been revamped to encourage a laugh, share in our excitement, and provide greater detail to the overall offerings for this quarters' release.

Please check to shop the store as it goes live at noon on Nov. 9th, 2019!


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