2020 Kickstart Program

"Get into the Groove!"

"Every schedule needs a reset. Life shares Death. End begets Beginning, Practice is Failure embracing Success. A reset is one action, like so many others, that represents duality, change, opposites and development, progression… motivation. No schedule can stay the same forever and still be impactful. We embrace change… for we are constantly in motion. Don't pause or stop for anything else, keep going! Keep changing. Life never stops, it never pauses, it's always in motion. When you stop, you lose your goal, your ambition, you lose who you are. When you stop, you give up. Don't give up. Keep hold of your goals- hold them tight and close. Never forget; you only reach as high as you allow yourself to go. So ask yourself; How high can I reach?"

- Kaliyah La'Shè

Hello, one and all! To those of you who are new; welcome. To those of you who read frequently; welcome back! The paragraph above explains change, evolution and the will to keep moving forward. It's all about positivity, motivation, and will power. These are all ungodly important when it comes to maintaining a goal and when it comes to development. Nobody can change by staying the same… Nobody wins a race by standing still. That's a big motivation for our news, which we'll get to in a moment. But first, understand that we are introducing major changes to JohnsonFit for the ultimate results to each and every one of us! So stay sharp, stay focused and keep steady, for your goals. Always keep moving forward.

Now! We have some exciting news for this new year, being brought as a bit of a late Christmas present, early New Year's gift. We, at JohnsonFit are introducing a new training program to kickstart our new year! As displayed in the title above, its called: "2020 Kickstart."

This program will convey the opportunity for a new persona to each of us. It represents grand development in a major assortment of steps for our own goals, both individually and as a whole! Featuring:

  • Exclusive Program with limited openings

  • Weekly Motivational check-Ins

  • A training program (30 days)

  • New Event Opportunities

  • Community engagement and team-building opportunities

  • And more!

In more exciting news! Existing clientele are being offered the opportunity to finance the 2020 Kickstart Program with easy monthly payments for a period of five months and are provided the exclusive opportunity of a $200 discount from the finance charge for each new client they bring into the program.

Now, with all of the announcements out of the way, how are each of you? With holidays just passing and New Year is on the way, we each have a lot of goals to outline, resolutions to define and choices to make! What will your new year's resolution be? When you reflect on this last year, what were your best moments and how will they impact your choices in the future?

Comment below and share your story! We love to see your interaction. Have a Merry Holiday and remember together we can achieve Your Body, the Way YOU Want It!

-JohnsonFit Management Team


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