At home 14 day challenge.

14 days for $25.00 

At-home training 

Nutrition Advice

24/7 support 


Two competition winners. 

No equipment needed.

This is a 14-day competition designed to get you real results! 

At home 14-day challenge: 

Sign up today! Space is limited. 


The program is simple:

JohnsonxFit designs a custom plan for you to

get the most from the at-home 14-day challenge. 

This includes support, guidance, and

the fitness program designed for you. 

Additionally, nutritional support is provided.

The competition rules:

One participant from each gender will be

selected as winners. The winners will be

selected and rewarded based on their

efforts and results. 

Each winner will be rewarded with free:


  1. JohnsonFit Gear 

  2. An invitation to a JohnsonFit Photoshoot  

  3. Additional training 

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